Bringing Digital innovation to OTT Media Solutions

With Cantiz Media Framework

We help our customers deliver experience, not just content

Consult. Strategize

Next gen OTT platforms will have to be smart, intelligent and sensitive to your audiences needs. Get ahead of your implementation with a futuristic strategy that clearly defines your challenges, Operational costs and monetization opportunities. Attinad will assist you develop a robust technology and revenue roadmap that will stand tall as you scale and expand amid fluctuating customer demands.

Configure, Visualize, Engage

Improve content monetization and user engagement through continuous curation and application configurations. Visualize your multiscreen apps and modify layouts and themes on the fly. Cantiz Configuration Manager does exactly that and empowers curators to dynamically control content visibility, configure new rails and create dynamic content feeds for different audiences across regions.

Maximize revenue through personalization

Your consumers are more demanding than ever before, spoilt by choices, but still wanting more. Monotonous content delivery and challenges in content discovery has often proved to be an Achilles heel for content owners impacting user engagement and retention. A consumer first strategy that keeps your consumer at the center and creates an experience that is tailor made and personalized is the need of the hour. Cantiz Recommendations, focusses on building user profiles, understand their needs and expectations and bakes it into content delivery to help you achieve the much-desired personalization

Platform Insights

Online video streaming has emerged as the top digital channel for delivering content and engaging users and the market has seen an explosion of OTT services in recent years. However, extending services over digital channels comes with high Capex and ever-increasing operational cost of content acquisition, storage, infrastructure and CDNs resulting in dwindling profits. While starting your OTT journey, it becomes imperative of your chosen platform to have a clear sense of its user’s preferences, regional variations, content monetization and be dynamic in its content delivery strategy. CMF Insights helps stakeholders visualize key business parameters through an intuitive dashboard and empower curators construct focused and user aligned content strategy. CMF’s content recommendations for curators extracts hidden patterns of user consumption and present it through clear and segregated recommended listing for curation

Experience Delivery

The Cardinal principle of Experience delivery is to amalgamate context and content based on personalized needs and preferences, external factors and overall mood of your audience. Users demand consistent and familiarity across OTT apps which has to be still acknowledged while still differentiating by anticipating user actions and facilitating it with simple user journeys to have a happy customer. CMF’s experience rich template applications for mobile, web, TVs and consoles provides you all these ingredients out of the box, and with its seamless integration with CMF configuration and content management, you can look forward to deliver your content with the right experience in minimum possible time.