Cantiz Recommendation Engine

Engage users using the power of content recommendations

Empower your customer centric business solutions with a recommendation engine that delivers contextualized content recommendations considering your users, content & business model. Enjoy the benefits of Forward, Search or Reverse recommendations that keep your users engaged.

As the Web, Mobile & other interactive visual channels lead the electronic & business transaction, there is an increasing need to offer engaging content to users from your business context. Ensuring that users are engaged with your business solution increases your chances of generating increased per user revenue for your business.

Cantiz Recommendation Engine offers you a niche and powerful way of handling your recommendations for the users. It is Integratable with your business solutions and offers high-level of customizability, along with ready-to-use out-of-the-box recommendation modules.

Cantiz Recommendation Engine offers​​

Forward Recommendations

Offline, nearline and online reccmonedations based on the user interactions & business solution context.

Search Recommendations

Contextual search based recommendations using NLP, deep learning and enrichment of metadata

Reverse Recommendations

Recommendations based on assets, it’s ingredients (eg. cast of a movie), user and user cluster.

Cantiz Recommendation Engine is equipped with a number of algorithms including collaborative filtering and gaussian mixture model clustering. It is also powered with a ranking module and content based recommendations.

The content recommendations attain maximum efficiency when we could maximize the intersection of user interactions, your offerings / content attributes, long and short-term goals of business models.

How Is It Transforming Media OTT Landscape?

Cantiz Media Recommendation Engine, a focused & full-fledged implementation of our recommendation engine for Media OTT.

The recommendation engine offers important functionalities through APIs so that the application development become much easier.

Along with forward and search recommendations targeted for the end users, the recommendation engine also provides reverse recommendations that are helpful for the application owners. 

Efficient Spending on the content purchase

Stay relevant in the

Reducing content
retention costs

Efficient planning to improve customer engagement

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