Case Study: Delivering Learning Contents through Mobile Platforms

A generic English and Math content management & delivery framework for all leading smartphone platforms.



The solution helped our client to easily disseminate the K-12 content they aggregated, using smartphone channels & web application
Business Problem

Our client is a leading provider of educational resources for training, higher education and other learning and development programs based out of the United States.

They wanted to disseminate the K-12 contents they gathered through their partner sources using their LMS platform to multi-platform devices such as iPads, Android tablets, Windows tablets, and Web channels.
As the target audiences are K-12 students and the content formats were spread across Math content, English content, etc., the interactive user experience was also a major success factor for the overall success of the program.
Our Solution

Attinad devised a solution that converted the learning content obtained as XML from the LMS, into a rich user experience for students across mobile platforms.

The interactivity was also ensured for the informative content, so that the user experience and simplicity of learning increase.

The main features of the solution were

  • A content management framework that understood the content types and formats for adapting and visualizing the various content formats within the storyline on the tablet devices.
  • Provision for content aggregation in XML.
  • Seamless conversion of XML into a rich user design.
  • Facilitate information access across devices with a Gmail based user login
Business Benefits
  • The targeted audience accepted the solution very well.
  • The Android version of the content delivery solution was showcased in the launch of Google’s Google for Education program. The client received appreciation from Google and other companies across the education space.
  • The client solution won numerous accolades globally and was applauded in the education sector for their creativity and commitment to furthering the cause of education.