Case Study: Electronic Permit to Work (Oil & Gas)

A preventive maintenance workflow management solution leveraging mobility and geolocation capturing capabilities of handheld devices.


Oil & Gas

The electronic permit to work solution eliminated the need for time consuming paper based approval process thereby improving the overall efficiency & accuracy
Business Problem

Our client is one of the leading exploration and petroleum production companies in the Middle East.

Client had been using paper-based maintenance workflow management solution, which had the following constraints.

  • Lack of data integrity
  • Longer SLAs
  • A redundant data entry process as part of digitizing the data for workflow continuity

They wanted to get rid of the above constraints using an electronic permit to work solution.

Our Solution

Attinad proposed an integrated electronic permit to work solution with components spread across backend systems and a handheld application.

  • Data integrity was ensured through the integration of geo-coordinates at the point of data capture. The same data got uploaded into the backend system in real time.
  • Complete paper-based data transactions in the workflow have been eliminated with digitized forms made available on handheld devices.
  • End-to-end data creation and flow have been digitized for eliminating the redundant data entry activities that existed in the as-is workflow.
  • Business process continuity was ensured through offline capability to overcome the challenges associated with intermittent coverage.

We also addressed the usability aspects related to the fall of direct sunlight on to the handheld screens through proper device selection and colour theme selection for the handheld application.

Business Benefits
  • Faster and accurate processing of permits to work through electronic mechanism
  • Aligning with organizational objectives towards health, safety & environment

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