Case Study: Fleet Operations Management (IoT)

An IoT – Telematics solution for real-time tracking of fleets, scheduling & dispatching of task information, tracking of mileage & driving patterns.



Cantiz IoT platform based Telematics solution helped the client with optimized fleet operations, efficient dispatches and reduced insurance costs
Business Scenario
Our client was finding it challenging to keep track of its fleets, their mileage & the driving behaviours of its employees. The real-time remote dispatch of new tasks for them were also a challenge.
Client wanted to use a Telematics based Fleet Management solution, in order to help them in optimizing their fleet operations, managing the dispatches and bargaining the insurance costs.
Our Solution
We provided a custom implementation of our Cantiz Telematics solution with the features client requested.
Implementation on top of our existing Cantiz IoT platform based Telematics solution ensured that the solution is powered with all the advanced features of our Cantiz Telematics solution including the Big Data stack, Scalability, Real-time monitoring, Analytics & Rule based Alerts.

Cantiz Telematics helps businesses to achieve significant ROI and the greatest competitive advantage in marketplace.

Benefits include enhancement of vehicle performance, increasing the safety of driver and vehicle, improving customer service, reduction of various cost parameters, tracking, communication and faster Go-To Market Strategies.

Cantiz Telematics Features
  • Navigation and route guidance services
  • Remote vehicle access and diagnostic
  • Fleet management, cost and productivity assessments
  • Driver performance monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Emergency Services
  • Records driven routes, driving and idle times, as well as driving speeds of vehicles
  • Automatic download of drivers' driving and resting times according to legally required cycles
  • Remote vehicle tracking and recovery
  • Geo-fencing
  • Phone messaging
  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Dispatching

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