Case Study: Inspection Management Solution

A multi-device capable solution for inspection management solution built on top of our flagship product, the Cantiz AppWeaver enterprise mobility platform.



The solution ensured integrity & authenticity for the inspection process, also improving the overall productivity & efficiency
Business Problem

Our client is a leading government organization owning and managing the sewerage in the region.

As part of the inspection process associated with the sewerage services they offer, the client has a significant inspection workforce who are supposed to conduct inspections at various sites who have either requested for sewerage service or are already availing it.

Paper-based inspection forms were being used by the inspectors prior to the rollout of our solution. Task scheduling was also manual.

Each inspection form and record was being digitized post-inspection for archival and storage in a content management server by a set of data entry workforce as part of their audit trail requirements.

In order to meet its operational & productivity objectives, client wanted to eliminate the usage of paper-based forms for data collection.
They also wanted to avoid the redundant data entry process happening post the data collection.
Our Solution

We leveraged our in-house product Cantiz AppWeaver enterprise mobility platform  with multi-channel content delivery capability, as the core foundational layer for the overall solution.

All the paper-based forms have been digitized using the dynamic form generation capability of the Cantiz AppWeaver platform. Cantiz AppWeaver’s run time ensured the required integration with cameras for field image capture and the implementation of a canvas for the inspectors to draw their observations from the layouts.
The internal business processes on board in Oracle apps have been retained as is by providing the data feed automatically and eliminating the manual data feed that existed till then. The data flow to and from Oracle apps have been completely digitized and automated, thereby eliminating the redundant data entry and form archival process.
Added integrity & authenticity by integrating peripheral devices like camera for additional data collection.
Business Benefits
  • End-to-end digitalisation ensuring increased productivity and efficiency
  • Improved integrity & authenticity of data there by saving time and money in dealing with wrong data
  • Eliminating redundant data entry, thereby ensuring more cost optimization
  • Ability to provide detailed reports to stakeholders in real-time ensuring improved business process ecosystem

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