Case Study: VR Based Communication | Urban Planning & Vision

A Virtual Reality (VR) empowered branding & communication solution that delivers multi-faceted contents about urban planning, governance, policies and such.



The solution helped our client in creating brand awareness & communicating its strategies and plans effectively to citizens and stakeholders
Business Problem

Our client is one of the Middle East’s premier urban planning bodies responsible for setting up future city plans, government policies, development strategies, infrastructure operations and social development schemes. The client is authorized to define the vision for the country in terms of infrastructure development.

The client wanted to reach out to the government authorities and the targeted audience living in the region in order to communicate and deliver its vision and mission, the plans & layouts to achieve the vision. 

As the plans were at the initial stages of their development, the client wanted the content to be visualized and delivered as 3D illustrations across smartphone platforms.

Our Solution
Attinad Software with its multi-year expertise in developing state-of-the-art Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) solutions provided a theme-based storyline followed within the VR application that aligned with the objective set for the client.

This really helped them reach out to their target audience in order to explain very clearly the purpose for which the organization stands, their vision for infrastructure development in the region & its current progress.

The application was also able to seamlessly connect with the client’s information portal and deliver all the required content to its users on smart device channels.

Business Benefits
  • Ability to provide visual insights into the development plans & its progress
  • Informed citizens & stake holders, providing required support & cooperation

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