Robotic Process Automation

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Our Approach

As Robotic Process Automation (RPA) gains greater prominence in enabling organisations to achieve digital transformation, organizations are racing to implement tools, develop use-cases and conduct pilot projects. We enable our clients to achieve results to create a truly digital workforce. The model identifies existing business problems and IT landscape challenges, leveraging Attinad’s RPA expertise to plan ahead. Our extensive automation expertise enables your organization to maximize the value of automation to achieve:

  • Efficiency and productivity like never before.
  • Savings you couldn’t imagine in the past.
  • Unprecedented agility by eliminating effort.
  • Business processes that have their own intelligence.

Our implementation led design thinking approach enables your organisation to: 

  • Increase your competitive edge and develop new customer experiences that compete more effectively against digitally native, fully automated companies who are out to disrupt your industry.
  • Enable digital transformation and new technology adoption such as AI, machine learning, blockchain, cognitive intelligence, smart data intake and more without having to retrofit or replace existing systems.
  • The bots developed through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will act like glue between the data in the systems and the powerful capabilities of next-generation technology.
  • Identify areas of opportunity and applying our industry domain, process reengineering, governance and change management expertise to ensure success.
Our Offerings

RPA Consulting Services

We help your organization develop an outcome-driven automation strategy; identify processes with high return value using our simplification, standardization and elimination criteria and use a structured approach to calculating ROI to set realistic expectations and priorities.

  • Automation Strategy and Roadmap.
  • Automation Maturity Assessment.
  • Business Case / ROI Evaluation.
  • Automation Blueprint and Platform Selection.
  • Solution Architecture and PoC.

Implementation Services

We help your organisation with a faster turnaround using agile and MVP based implementation methodologies for faster time to production and benefit realization.

  • Product Implementation.
  • Business Process Specific Solution implementation.
  • System Integration Services.

Governance Services

Our strong governance models accelerate automation deployment throughout your organization by standardizing automation approaches, delivering reusable components and aligning new initiatives with business objectives.

  • Automation as a Service.
  • Automation Governance / Outcome Management.
  • KPI Measurement.

Our Verticals

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